Advancing Women in Research: An Interview with Kristin Luck

May 3, 2015

Kristin Luck headshotWomenAdvancing – Media Village – Kristin Luck has a deep history in research. She was one of the original pioneers of multi-media online research when she joined Nielsen to develop proprietary capabilities. In 2000 she left Nielsen to co-found OTX (Online Testing Exchange) where she drove strategy and operations.

Luck launched Women in Research (known as WIRe) as an informal industry group in 2007. It has evolved into a global enterprise hosting events twice annually in 10 cities and supporting a one to one mentoring program, a monthly online business Q&A and a webinar series. Luck is the leading keynote at the May 14 conference at Crossroads Technology Xchange Big Data 2015.

“I believe that women play a more important role than ever in our growing global economy, with 85% of all brand purchases today made by women,” she says. “Yet, incredibly, only 3% of advertising agency creative directors are women. The future of successful brands (and successful research) is female informed. Women are key drivers of economic success; both in the board room (female led companies are 15% more likely to be profitable) and in the home, but routinely remain an afterthought to both marketers and researchers.”

The statistics she relays are staggering. “Although women provide the muscle behind more than half of all research conducted today, less than 10% of Honomichl’s 25 largest research firms have a woman at the helm,” Luck notes.

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