What Our
Clients Say

Working with Kristin is basically a master class in business growth.  You cover A to Z in an accelerated time period and are given the guidance and tools to move your company forward.  Perhaps most importantly, Kristin is willing to tell you the truth – it’s not always what you want to hear but it’s certainly what you need to hear.

Alex Brooks

Founder, Brookmark

Working with ScaleHouse was a transforming experience for us. Kristin’s guidance on managing through our strong growth to build a sustainable yet flexible business model has allowed us to focus our efforts where needed most, spend our money wisely and break through barriers limiting the speed of our growth. We appreciated the insights, patience and humor throughout the entire process.

Pat DePietto

President, 360 Market Reach

We worked with Kristin for several months and found her advice to be extremely helpful.  She has been a strategist, a cheerleader, and has prompted thought-provoking discussions.  Her recommendations were grounded in experience.  We are experiencing significant growth and we have used Kristin’s advice to facilitate this process.
Anne Coulter

Managing Director, Research Strategy Group

Kristin has been advising my company for the last two years. She has been with us through our first and now second rounds of capital, and I couldn’t have made it here without her disciplined consultation. Every time we work together, I’m blown away by her ability to cast a wide net and swiftly hone in on the weak links. And in short order. Her super power is discernment. From the 40,000 foot perspective to wheels on the ground, with Kristin there is no time wasted getting to the crux.
Bree McKeen

Founder, Evelyn & Bobbie

We brought Kristin on board in the middle of tremendous flux in our sales and marketing team.  She helped us assess and develop a clear strategy to build an effective team, including help in recruitment, processes etc.  The best thing was that she was never afraid to speak her mind and tell us what she thought, which brought about quite a few aha moments.  I am very glad we had her on our team and would highly recommend her.

Rahul Sahgal

Founder & CEO, Annik (acquired by LiquidHub, 2017 / acquired by Capgemini in 2018)

I had the pleasure of working with Kristin as an investor and fellow board member. Kristin played a pivotal role in Decipher’s growth by driving what was, in essence, a guerrilla marketing strategy to achieve double digit growth year over year, effectively quadrupling revenue in the midst of a tough economy in a highly competitive marketplace. She achieved much of this on restrained resources, and was willing to do what it took to deliver results. She played a huge part in helping to evolve Decipher into a highly respected and well-known brand within the market research industry.
Curt Rocca

Partner, DCA Capital Partners

Michael at Scalehouse was a true partner helping me analyze and strategize the current and projected financial growth of my company. After experiencing a significant 1 year growth at my company, it was pivotal for me to gain better visibility to make key financial decisions. Michael was professional and adapted to the constant iterations of my forecast projections.
Kristin S.

Owner / Director, The Band Consultancy

Looking at the testimonials of other ScaleHouse clients, I’m tempted to say “ditto.” The support has been truly transformative in helping us focus and craft a super tangible plan for scaled growth. Kristin is not only incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive, and experienced, but she also works as an objective partner to help cut through the strategic clutter and illuminate a clear path forward (not to mention being fun to work with). Reframing our business based on her guidance, and implementing the plan she’s outlined, has immediately resulted in double-digit business growth.

Hunter Thurman

CEO, Alpha-Diver

We’ve been working with Kristin for over a year now. She has helped us with our positioning, overall strategy and plan for growth. Her guidance, combined with the tools and techniques that she has had us implement, have had an immediate and on-going positive impact on our business. Bringing Kristin on board as a strategic advisor was one of our best investments. I would highly recommend her.
Ken Roshkoff

CEO, AMC Global

Working with Kristin has helped Humm elevate on many levels. She blends strategic thinking with tactical execution in a way that very few people can. We are extremely fortunate to have her advice guiding us forward.

Eric Plantenberg

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Humm Kombucha

Working with Kristin is an impactful experience. She is able to come in, quickly and accurately assess a situation and suggest implementable steps that yield results. Kristin has an empathetic approach but isn’t afraid to challenge assumptions and push you outside your comfort zone. Unlike many other consultants, she gets down to business and diagnoses the root of any ailments or dysfunction in short order. She also follows through on what she says she’ll provide and doesn’t let you off the hook which is preciously what defines her style and makes working with her so differentiated.
Jen Drolet

CEO, iModerate (acquired by 20/20 Research, 2016)

I’ve known Kristin for more than a decade in a variety of capacities. I already knew she was whip-smart and turned everything she did into a success. But, it wasn’t until working with her in her role as a growth strategist, that I realized just how brilliant she is. Kristin immediately understood our business and our challenges. She hit us with some difficult to swallow truths, but followed up with strategies and solutions. We’ve implemented (nearly) everything she’s recommended and it has made a tremendous change in our business. After only a few months of making changes in our business, we have seen dramatic growth and are connecting with many new business leads. Working with Kristin was the smartest thing our company ever did.
Rebecca Brooks

Founder & CEO, Alter Agents

Kristin is an exceptional marketing and branding pro. During her tenure at Decipher, where I served as a board member and advisor, she took a virtually unknown brand and turned it into an industry powerhouse, driving double digit annual growth with limited sales resources to create an exceptionally attractive acquisition target. As an industry thought leader, Kristin is THE brain to pick on all things marketing, branding and technology. I look forward to collaborating with her in the future.
Todd Johnson

President, Kollective

Kristin is the real deal. She was able to bring so much context to our questions, goals, and challenges. The mix of strategic guidance, practical action steps, and accountability was exactly what we needed to take the next step in our company’s plans for growth. She knew when to affirm so we could grow in confidence and when to push us outside of our comfort zone. I am deeply grateful to her for the impact she had on our business and for the person she is.
Luke Cahill

CEO, Real Insight

Working with Kristin has been hugely impactful for our business. As a technology company based in the UK wanting to break in to the US Market Research industry she has been invaluable. Delivering excellent marketing strategy advice and helping us to grow our network through great introductions her support has allowed Voxpopme to really grow in the last 12 months. If you want someone who is straight talking, knows the industry inside out and is a lot of fun to work with then seriously stop looking and hire Kristin.
Dave Carruthers

Founder & CEO, Voxpopme

Kristin and ScaleHouse brought the best combination of understanding our business, applying superior knowledge of growth-based marketing, and great tools and network of partners to bring great strategy through to execution.
Lilah Raynor (Koski)

CEO, Logica Research

In our 10th year of business, we decided it was time to breathe some new life into the company and Kristin was the breath of fresh air that we needed. She came in, evaluated how we work and challenged us to shake things up and work differently. Her advice and tireless efforts helped us to jump to the next level.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow and expand their business.
Nancy Hernon

Co-Founder/CEO, G3 Translate (acquired by TransPerfect, 2019)

Kristin was able to quickly identify untapped opportunities for growth at a time when my business was in tremendous flux. She helped us shift our mindset and set up systems and processes that could be maintained after she left – leading to unprecedented growth.  I have a thriving company today in no small part due to Kristin and her keen insights. I cannot wait to engage with her again when I am ready for my next big push of growth.
Crystal Rutland

CEO, Particle Design

If you’re looking for someone to kick-start your corporate marketing and branding strategy, look no further. Kristin’s insight in the MR industry and, specifically, marketing within the B2B space has been invaluable for our growing company.  She has provided strong insights along the way particular to our overall brand awareness strategy and sales approach, giving our management team the added support it needs to advance our strategic initiatives (both present and future).

Mathijs de Jong

Co-Founder/CEO, P2Sample (acquired in 2019 by Cint)