What We Do

ScaleHouse is a management consulting firm dedicated to growing, optimizing, defending and perpetuating enterprise value.

We provide a unique service-offering, focused on the development and implementation of field tested methods that include offensive and defensive strategies targeted to achieve growth and value-maximizing objectives.

With extensive experience in all C-suite functions, our Team, having successfully founded, scaled and exited companies, is uniquely capable of supporting your growth objectives.

C-Suite Support

C-Suite Support

Accelerated growth, particularly in transforming verticals like marketing tech and services, is a team effort. Our team of C-suite strategists, leverage field tested, global experience to maximize your company’s growth at every stage. Whether you need interim C-level support to assist with scaling your business organically, making an acquisition, optimizing company performance or priming for a successful exit, we’ve been there.

We offer fractional C-suite services that enable you to leverage our domain expertise, industry relationships and an exceptional track record of growing early to mid-stage firms. We manage your costs by maintaining the ability to scale up or down our support as needed. ScaleHouse offers world-class C-Suite capabilities in the areas of sales, marketing, product development/product led growth and finance.

  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
C-Suite Support


Do you know the best way to drive your company’s growth? At ScaleHouse, we take a deep dive approach to your unique competitive advantages, defensive moats, and vulnerabilities, with a view of developing and implementing value-enhancing and perpetuating scale-driven strategies.

In addition to optimizing your capital structure to complement and support such scale-driven strategies, we provide evaluation, recommendation development and implementation of transactional services to enhance core competencies. ScaleHouse supports the scaling of growing and profitable products and services while promoting the exit of poorly performing non-essential businesss units. Exogenous growth opportunities are evaluated, including global expansion into new markets, and scale-enhancing and earnings-accretive acquisitions are identified.

Organic Growth
ScaleHouse is uniquely capable of providing an array of value-enhancing services including access and assessment of human capital, products, and processes. ScaleHouse Partners and Advisors have over 50 combined years of management, consulting, operational, and entrepreneurial experience geared to maximizing organic growth. In addition, ScaleHouse offers extensive and objective financial advisory services including capitalization optimization, capital raising and cash and liability management services. When placement of securities is involved, ScaleHouse, in partnership with Oberon Securities, provides unmatched access to flexible and supportive capital.

  • Strategic planning
  • US market entry / global expansion
  • Revenue growth (sales & marketing) strategy
  • Existing client growth strategy/ Churn reduction
  • Competitor strategy / Company positioning
  • New product ideation and development
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Identification of new customer segments
  • Geographic expansion
  • Adapt / Change competitive strategy
  • Business plan development and implementation
  • Financing plan development and implementation
  • Strategic and corporate finance advisory assessments, plan development and implementation
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), capital budgeting, pro-forma modeling around growth strategy
  • Scenario / Sensitivity analysis
  • Ongoing implementation management of all the above to perpetuate value-enhancing strategies and processes

Inorganic Growth
ScaleHouse offers deep vertical expertise in marketing technology and services for firms seeking inorganic growth through acquisitions, strategics alliances, or investments in other Companies. From the development of M&A strategy and process design, to the identification and screening of targets, to due diligence, negotiations, and transaction closing, our full-cycle process expertise and industry relationships presents a differentiated roadmap for clients in their quest to realize significant and sustainable value-creation from inorganic growth strategies.

In select circumstances where the placement of securities is the optimal solution, ScaleHouse’s FINRA licensed investment bankers conduct M&A activities through Oberon Securities. ScaleHouse offers, amongst other financial-related services:

  • Development/linkage of M&A strategy to overall corporate strategy
  • Define and create acquisition criteria/ thesis including US market entry & global expansion
  • Identify and screen targets that meet criteria/thesis
  • Funnel / Relationship building / Target outreach
  • Business combination pro-forma modeling
  • Target due diligence
  • Initial integration planning (degree, scope of integration, risk factors)
  • Target valuations / Walk away price
  • Deal structuring, negotiation, closing
  • Exit and monetization strategies and implementation
  • Post-closing transaction monitoring and implementation services
  • Business, business unit, real estate, cash flowing and asset-based valuation services
C-Suite Support


Identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements, and optimizing strategies and methods across your organization, ScaleHouse focuses on activities that will maximize profitability while minimizing the costs of capital, providing needed flexibility and support that ultimately enhances overall business performance.

  • Sales and marketing optimization & ROI
  • Brand positioning
  • Turnarounds
  • Cash flow efficiency & working capital improvement
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Asset efficiency
  • G&A optimization
ScaleHouse Exit Planning

Exit Planning/Exit

Whether you’re 12-24 months away from considering a sale or you’re ready to go to market, our team works to identify and concentrate on the specific activities that will continue to drive growth, profitability and high multiples.

The ScaleHouse team identifies value gaps and transferability obstacles, then develops and implements strategies to enhance the marketability of a Company or asset.

Planning to effectively position and market a company can substantively affect outcomes with strategic buyers and financial investors. ScaleHouse ensures that any recapitalization, capital raise or exit is optimized for the benefit of our clients.

C-Suite Support


ScaleHouse is highly experienced as it relates to the provision of valuation services spanning a broad array of strategic, financial and special situation assets. Such valuation services can be used to support contested disputes and fairness opinions needed in situations (in particular) involving insiders and conflicts of interest.
  • Expert testimony
  • Independent valuations of targets or divisions
  • Fairness opinions
  • Solvency opinions
  • Illiquid assets
  • Hard assets
  • Cash-flowing assets
  • Real estate
  • Membership interests
ScaleHouse Integrations


Our post-deal integration services ensure that the expected value creation from M&A activity actually materializes.

ScaleHouse’s M&A Integration services focus on the development and implementation of integration plans while working to capture expected deal value, ensuring the investment thesis is realized.

  • Communication & GTM planning
  • Culture integration
  • Operational integration
  • Customer integration
  • Technology integration
  • 100-Day, 200-Day, 300-Day Plans
  • Post-Deal performance and synergy tracking