The Consortium

Whether you’re trying to make it to $1M or $100M there’s a Consortium for you.

The Consortium is a quarterly forum that connects and supports entrepreneurs and revenue focused sales and marketing leaders gunning for their next big breakthrough. Join a carefully curated and moderated group of peers designed to help you navigate through business challenges by leveraging the collective intelligence of others, with direct support from serial entrepreneurs who have been in the trenches (and successfully exited!).

Meet the Coaches

Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck

Kristin is an award winning serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits. She’s spent the last 20+ years utilizing nontraditional sales and marketing strategies to drive exponential growth. As the Co-Founder of OTX (now owned by Ipsos) and the President/CMO of Decipher (now owned by EQT), her data driven growth strategies have been field tested for success. A life long learner, Kristin is currently the Managing Partner at ScaleHouse and a licensed investment banker.

Jamin Brazil

Jamin Brazil

Jamin is a seasoned chief executive with a background in leading high growth organizations from inception to exit. As co-founder of Decipher and previous CEO of FocusVision, he has spent the last 20 years developing skills, strategies, and tactics specific to creating growth-oriented cultures around positivity, cooperation, and accountability.

Founders & Executives

Whether you’re fighting to be in the 50% of small businesses that don’t fail in the first five years or you’re looking to scale your multi-million dollar company, we’ll help you maximize revenue generation and profitability. The Consortium focuses on overcoming common obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals like a lack of Growth IQ, ineffective sales and marketing or counterproductive behaviors.

Marketing & Sales Leaders

The most successful companies recognize that, to maximize commercial efforts, marketing and sales need to be in sync and operating at full strength. The Consortium focuses on helping you navigate the strategies, processes and tools that will ensure your organization maximizes its revenue generation efforts.

How Does it Work?

Each forum consists of 4-6 peers in non-competitive businesses, and is carefully curated to ensure the overall success of the group. Forums meet twice a month for a minimum of three months, with areas of focus changing on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly topics in 2023 are as follows:

Quarter 1:
Growth IQ

Quarter 2:
Ensuring Your Revenue Stack is….Stacked

Quarter 3:
Building Your “Customer Love” Strategy

Quarter 4:
Change Your Growth by Changing Your Behavior

If you’re interested in participating in The Consortium on either a quarterly or annual basis, we’d love to hear from you. Please click here to email Kristin or simply fill out the form below.