Entrepreneurism. Sales. Marketing. Growth Strategy.

The ScaleHouse team’s unique perspective as serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives and sales, marketing and measurement experts will give your audience the practical insight and actionable inspiration they’re hungry for.

Kristin and Jackie specialize in speaking about the elements that drive exceptional growth – from creating a brand story that leaves customers wanting more, to designing data driven sales strategies that open revenue streams, to building diverse, top-performing teams and everything in between.

The team’s keynote and curated panel sessions consistently rank as top performers. At both private and public events, Kristin and Jackie have spoken to thousands of attendees from companies as diverse as Warner Bros, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, P&G, General Mills, Adobe, LinkedIn, Fidelity, Eli Lilly, Nielsen, Qualtrics and many others.


Most Frequently Requested Talks:

  • Growth Hacking / Growth Strategies
  • Fueling Brand Performance through Storytelling
  • Business Optimization for Revenue Growth
  • Sales and Marketing Measurement Trends & Tech
  • Guerilla Marketing Strategies
  • The Entrepreneurist Movement: Women and Start-ups
  • Life After Series A
  • $0 to $30M in 3