Confessions of a Serial Storyteller

Dec 3, 2014

Kristin Luck headshotDialsmith Blog, December 2014 – At our core, Dialsmith is a company that helps others tell their stories more effectively and as such, we’ve always been fascinated by great storytellers regardless of their medium. So, we got pretty jazzed when we saw this recent Fast Company article that revealed top (short) storytelling tips from award-winning, movie trailer producer (and Buddha Jones co-founder) John Long.

Much of what Long had to say resonates across all modes of storytelling so we thought we’d keep the discussion rolling by asking Decipher President and CMO Kristin Luck, a researcher, author, frequent keynote speaker and highly regarded storyteller in her own right, to give us her take on Long’s tips and reveal some of her own “secrets” to effective storytelling.

Here’s what Kristin had to say:

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