Since I joined the Council in 2014, ESOMAR, and our industry, has experienced a climate of rapid change. But 2020 really threw the industry into unprecedented disruption. With a global pandemic, borders locked and cities on lockdown and a continued rise in nationalism around the world, ESOMAR projected a 30% retraction in global research spend. As a result, our industry, and ESOMAR, needs to evolve to support the rapidly changing needs of our research community around the world.

So why me for President? Why now?

I have over a decade of experience building and scaling non-profits, like ESOMAR.  I launched Women In Research in 2007, which now serves over 11,000 researchers globally and I’ve served on the board of the ESOMAR Foundation for the past 6 years, transforming it from an entity that was largely reliant on ESOMAR funds to a self-sustaining Foundation that serves researchers in need.

With over 25 years of research experience as a serial entrepreneur (OTX / Forefront / Decipher) and now an industry growth strategist and advisor (ScaleHouse), I have a keen understanding of how to navigate rough waters during turbulent times. My businesses survived the dot com crash of 2001, a major economic recession in 2007 and now a pandemic – if there is one thing I excel at, it is pulling my businesses and clients through tough times- and I’m committed to doing the same for our industry and for ESOMAR.

That means the following…

  1. Expanding on Council’s current platform of “building bridges” so that we’re a truly global association that serves our members on any and every continent.
  2. Bringing younger researchers into ESOMAR so that, as an association, we remain relevant to the new generations that are driving the evolution of the industry.
  3. Opening our arms to data scientists as well as second- and third-party data providers so that the importance of data quality and ethics isn’t lost as our industry evolves.

You can also read more about my candidacy in Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese as follows…..Transcripción en Español / Transcription en Français / Deutsches Transkript / Ελληνική μεταγραφή / 日本語のトランスクリプト / 中文成绩单 (简化的) / Transcrição Portuguesa

Whether I am at home in the US or in Greece or traveling around the world (which I hope we can get back to in 2021), I take great comfort in knowing that, wherever I go, there is an ESOMAR member who can share their unique perspective (and a meal!) with me. I have worked very hard over the past six years to earn your trust as a Council member and, most recently, as Vice President. Now I hope to earn your vote for President.

Questions about ESOMAR or the key pillars of my candidacy? Please reach out to me at

Thanks so much, in advance, for your support!

ESOMAR Supporters